They reach the main road and find CoolGuy97's discarded bike. He plucks it out from beneath the fence and props it up so he can sit. Your Best Friend hops onto the pegs, readjusting his shoulder strap. Streetlight hits the asphalt and bathes them in warm orange as they ride.   

you're full of rage

will you ever be a good person?

CoolGuy97: You don't think she's right, do you?

Your Best Friend: It's kind of a weird thing to bring up out of nowhere.

CoolGuy97: Right! Even if she is right, that had nothing to do with anything. She's just looking for things to take her anger out on.

Your Best Friend: Well, who isn't?

CoolGuy97: You don't.

Your Best Friend: Not recently.   


There is silence for several blocks.


Your Best Friend: She's kind of a bitch.

CoolGuy97: Don't say that.

Your Best Friend: Why?

CoolGuy97: She's a good friend. She's just a little crazy right now.   

she knows you.

They reach the house.


she'll continue to know you and make bad decisions because of this.