The garage door creaks open to reveal the lab inside.

Your Best Friend sets his bag down roughly on the counter and tugs out the [equipment].

beg for something to beckon

CoolGuy97: Did that exchange feel particularly important to you?

Your Best Friend: Uh, what do you think?

CoolGuy97: I think not. I mean, I haven't spoken to her in months. I think she's just upset about that. I don't know why girls are so passive aggressive about that kind of thing. I wish she would've hit me.

Your Best Friend: That would've been cool.

CoolGuy97: It would! Important, too. But she isn't the revenge type. Nothing will come from it.

Your Best Friend: Isn't it better that way?

CoolGuy97: What do you mean?

Your Best Friend: If nothing happens. Having a boring day is better than having a bad one.

CoolGuy97: No, it isn't. If that were true, we'd have no war.

Your Best Friend: Do you want to see the microbes?

CoolGuy97: Please.

[Microbe explanation]

CoolGuy97: Cool.

Your Best Friend: Cool?

CoolGuy97: Yeah. I mean, it's a nice idea. But we're so far from Mars and not getting there anytime soon. Why do you bother?

Your Best Friend: What? Don't you believe in the future?

CoolGuy97: Sure. I believe in my own. But who cares what happens after that? For all I know, the world will end once I fuck off this mortal coil.

Your Best Friend: I guess you're right. In your own way. But there are tons of brave men and women who have given their whole lives in pursuit of causes greater than themselves, striving for results that they would never see in their lifetimes. I would like to be one of them.

CoolGuy97: This planet doesn't deserve you.

Your Best Friend: Aw.   

all signs spell doom

There's a slow pitter against the garage door, as if rain has just started to fall. But the sky is clear and cloudless. It's not water at all. Pebbles hit the windows in rapid succession. Both of them turn to listen.