Sixpence: I know you're in there.

Your Best Friend: Ah fuck.

Sixpence: I'm coming in!

Your Best Friend: Do not come in!

Sixpence comes in from the house with remarkable speed.

Sixpence: Hey man.

Your Best Friend: What do you want?

Sixpence: I'm making amends!

Your Best Friend: That's like one of the worst things you could have said.

Sixpence: I'm serious! Look, I'm trying to better myself as a person and act less like a trainwreck. And I've been told to make amends. So here I am!

Your Best Friend: In my house.

Sixpence: Yes! I'm sorry.

Your Best Friend: Okay.

Sixpence: Do you forgive me?

Your Best Friend: I don't know…

Sixpence: C'mon!

Sixpence is abruptly on the floor.

Sixpence: I'm really, really sorry. For real!

Your Best Friend: No, get up. This is weird.

Sixpence: Do you forgive me?

Your Best Friend: No! No, look. I wasn't that great to you either, but I do find the whole grand gesture thing a little uncomfortable, and if I forgive you I feel like you'll just-

Sixpence's phone rings. They fumble it out of their pocket and stand up.

Sixpence: Hold that thought. They move into the corner of the room and proceed to have a very loud one-sided conversation.